Warm Up Your Tone!

Warm Up Your Guitar Tone!  I have the perfect solution! 

Replace that "industry standard value" tone capacitor with one that will bring your guitar tone to life! No more dark muffled woolly tone between seven and zero!  With our help, you will find your guitar tone control to be very musical and useful!   

We guitar players are obsessed with tone. Especially us that play electric. From the body and neck wood, to solid or semi hollow. From the type of metal used at the bridge to the type of material used for the nut. And everything in between. We try this pickup, that amp, this effect, that other guitar, and on and on.  But hopefully we eventually find that tone that's in our head.  Or at least close to the tone of a favorite player. 

Most of us accept our factory guitar electronics without question.  They are the experts, so they must know of and use the best capacitor for that guitar. Right? Not exactly. Most use the "industry standard" capacitor values. We just accept .047uf for single coils and .022uf for humbuckers. Those capacitors will suck the tone right out of the guitar very soon after you turn the tone control below 6 or 7. We accept that pretty much useless tone control as is. It is easy to become complacent and forget it is even there.  

A little known trick that I want to share is something I had been hearing about for years. I stumbled across an article in a guitar magazine about tone cap values and it all started to make sense. It was what I had been hearing second hand all those years, but without the exaggerations that get passed along with every story.

The author expressed his subjective opinion of a different range of caps values. And he was pretty much right on with what I heard when I tried his suggestions.

Here is what my ears pick up from each value:

  • .0015uf - Will tame some very high end bite, but slowly as you roll off the control. Will not effect your tone otherwise.
  • .0022uf - Will tame a little more high end than .00150uf, while leaving the rest of your tone pretty much as is.
  • .0033uf - This is the value commonly used for the "cocked wah" mod. I recommend trying this one.  You will hear slight tone changes with each slow turn finally ending at zero for the cocked wah effect.
  • .0047uf - Used for the Mike Eldred cocked wah mod. More pronounced tone roll off on your way to zero. Still a very useable tone. 
  • .0068uf - Even more pronounced tone roll off on your way to zero. Still a very useable tone, nowhere near the dark lifeless tone of your old capacitors, about a third of the .022uf standard humbucker capacitor. 

You will be blown away by the difference these caps make in your guitar tone! This may be a huge part of that tone you have been searching for! We make it super easy to order through PayPal. FREE shipping in the USA.

We ship 2 each of the values listed above (5% tolerance) with FREE shipping in USA. .0015uf, .0022uf, .0033uf, .0047uf and .0068uf ceramic capacitors (also called Ceramic Disk) in one convenient package for $12.  Some guitars have 2 tone controls, so we offer 2 of each capacitor.

The values on these are known as  for example: 152, 1500pf, 1.5nf and .0015uf.  They are all the same capacitor! They may just labeled differently.  We use the uf and the pf values.

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These have all been tested here at our shop to confirm the actual pf value prior to being shipped and are 5% or less tolerance. Each capacitor will be labeled with the actual pf value.  Be aware, some of those for sale elsewhere are not tested and can vary as much as 20% or more tolerance! Example: .0047uf x 20% = .00094uf either higher of lower.  An actual value of .00376uf if lower, .00564 if higher.  Nowhere near .0047uf. Even at 10% tolerance it would be .00047uf lower or higher than what you intended to install. Untested capacitors should never be used. Doing so could result in unsatisfactory results, not the intended tone you were expecting.

There are many different types available.  As a matter of fact, I installed an On On On mini toggle and at one point in time I had .015uf & .022uf Orange Drop 715's in one of my PRS guitars.  But I changed them. More on that later. 

Just a sample of some types available and common names: Orange Drops, Bumble Bees, Zoso, Paper in Oil, Ceramic (Disk), Monolithic (Multi layer) Ceramic, Silver Mica, Mylar, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Polyester, the list goes on. Some swear they can hear a difference between the types. Science says otherwise.  (You can order a package with different types of the same value here .0033uf & .0047uf).  That is one of the reasons in this package we offer the tried and true Ceramic Disk Capacitors.  Another benefit is the much lower cost. You will not feel guilty swapping them out to see what sounds best in your particular guitar played through your rig. You can determine what value works best in your rig.  Then if you do choose to experiment with other types you will already know what value you need.  But I think you will be very happy with the Ceramic Disk Capacitors you receive from us! We use PayPal. We will ship to a verified PayPal addresses. FREE shipping in the USA. If you are not in the USA please inquire before placing your order. 

The package of 10 tested and labeled Ceramic Capacitors is only $12, FREE Shipping. Some of the other types cost more than that for just one capacitor! 

We recommend an experienced tech install these.  But it is relatively easy to do yourself, if you are experienced with a soldering iron. Be sure to take pictures before you start! So you know where to place the leads on the capacitor. This is a simple swap, nothing complicated. 

Oh yea, the PRS before I forget. After I replaced the Orange Drops with these ceramics in my PRS that guitar became alive.  I installed a mini On On On toggle switch and .0015uf and .0022uf ceramic disks.  The switch allows .0015uf in position 1; .0022uf in position 3; and both combined in position 2 (the middle) for a .0037uf value.

Order Now, while you are online. You will never regret it, believe me. This could be the least expensive tone mod that you ever make, and you will LOVE IT! FREE shipping in the USA!!

To order: For outdated browsers the link to PayPal may not work. Instead please send email to burt120@gmail.com and include your email address that you use for PayPal. I will reply with a link for payment through PayPal. Or send $12 to burt120@gmail.com through PayPal. You will not regret it!


Happy Jamming!


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